Produce your papers, Trumps

I just got word that the Democratic Coalition Against Trump — an arm of the Keep America Great PAC — is filing a Freedom of Information Act request tonight seeking Melania Trump’s immigration records. Politico did some good sleuthing earlier today, raising questions about Mrs. Trump’s immigration status and whether she had the proper visa and the ability to work legally as a model when she came to the United States. The question, of course, is whether — to use her husband’s wording — this anti-immigration presidential candidate married an illegal immigrant.

The Coalition said it is requesting “any document that indicates the type of visa applied for or issued to Melania Trump from January 1, 1995 until she received her green card in 2001.” Jon Cooper, chair of the coalition, said in a press release: “That would just go to show that Mr. Trump has been and always will be one thing: a hypocrite.”

I asked Nate Lerner of the coalition whether Melania Trump is herself a victim in this, or at least her husband’s collateral damage. Lerner said he was “a little hesitant” about that but added, “Donald doesn’t play by the rules. He has shown he is not afraid to go after people’s souses. He’s been running a very shady campaign… He recognizes he can’t win by playing fair. We recognize the threat he presents to our democracy, the American system, and world order.”

In short: It’s an emergency and documenting hypocrisy is always fair game when politicians practice it. Lerner also said that as a PAC the coalition can “be a bit more bold” than Hillary Clinton can.

The PAC has a goal of raising $20 million by November to concentrate especially on getting college students, independent, and Bernie Sanders supporters to vote Democratic, whether enthusiastically or just to stop Trump. They have chairs in 50 states and operations starting on 100 college campuses in swing states.

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