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  • Mikey Dickerson

    Mikey Dickerson

  • Dickens Olewe

    Dickens Olewe

    2014-15 Knight Journalism Fellow @JSKStanford making case for drone journalism via @AfricanskyCAM

  • Lee Vinsel

    Lee Vinsel

    I do technology studies, co-organize @The_Maintainers, and profess Science, Technology, and Society at Virginia Tech.

  • Amanda Knox

    Amanda Knox

    Host of Labyrinths podcast, The Truth About True Crime, The Scarlet Letter Reports, and author of NYT bestseller Waiting to Be Heard. www.knoxrobinson.com

  • Glenn Fleishman

    Glenn Fleishman

    Technology journalist, editor, letterpress printer, and two-time Jeopardy! champion. I seem to know everyone #glenning

  • Marcin Wichary

    Marcin Wichary

    Designer/typographer · Writing a book on the history of keyboards: https://aresluna.org/shift-happens

  • M. Rambaran-Olm

    M. Rambaran-Olm

    Literary Historian. Palaeographer. Antiracist Activist. Dual Citizen. WoC. Resident of the 5th Circle of Hell. Lover of 80s cartoons. Twitter: @isasaxonists

  • Louis Anslow

    Louis Anslow

    Solutionist • Tech-Progressive • Curator of Pessimists Archive

  • Farai Chideya

    Farai Chideya

    Radio show/podcast “Our Body Politic” @ farai.com/our-body-politic. Covered every Presidential election 1996–2020. Books include “The Episodic Career.”

  • Matt Goldberg

    Matt Goldberg

    Cross-media strategist; Lonely Planet CEO; Wall Street Journal devotee; Raising the family in Australia.

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